Hannah Russ


Archaeology in Action is a partnership of two archaeology graduates who have a combined research, excavation and teaching experience of over 18 years.



Hannah has developed and led workshops and events for young people and adults, including: mock excavation, post-excavation analysis, artefact reconstruction, cooking and tasting (time period specific), language translation, problem solving and drama.

Hannah has studied archaeology for the past 10 years and specialises in environmental archaeology. She has an undergraduate degree with honours in Bioarchaeology, an MSc in Biological Archaeology, and is currently working towards her PhD. Hannah has worked as a contract fish and animal bone specialist for 2 years, completing reports for Cotswold Archaeology and L-P: Archaeology as well as specialist reports for University of Bradford run projects including: Yorkshire Dales Hunter-Gatherer Research Project, Slack Fort, West Voe (Shetland) and Arcow Quarry. She has worked as Environmental Supervisor at West Voe, Slack, Birnie and Kingsdale Head, establishing environmental sampling procedures and processing samples on-site.

Research interests: Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Faunal Remains (Fish, Molluscs, Mammals), Caves, Taphonomy, Experimental Archaeology.